Bauke wins 1st NPO Issoudun 6.438 pigeons!!! ????????

What a dream start for our pigeons! Yesterday in the one day long distance we achieved our 3th department victory of the season a dream ????????
Rayon: 1-55-72-99-118-etc. against 1.196 pigeons
NPO: 1-172-223-336-436-etc. against 6.438 pigeons
With 10 out of 13 pigeons in the prizes!
1st pigeon: “BAUKE” one of our best pigeons! As a youngster 4th Golden Crack and last week our second! He comes from New Danny (himself a real topper) x Dafne from Gert-Jan de Hoogh & Adwin de Hoogh is a real top hen and is a sister of our stock father Adwin. In the photo below he is as a youngster.

We are very proud of this victory ????????

In the morning at the Vitesse they also came great!
Club: 1-2-4-11-14-15-16-19-20-etc. 471 pigeons
Rayon: 4-5-9-27-31-34-37-54-62-90-etc. 2.300 pigeons
Price percentages: 10/15 & 18/21!
1st pigeon: “STORM” 1st provincial Niergnies & in the district this year already good for 1-4-6-30 as a yearling! It was bred from a grandchild of Adwin.
2nd pigeon: 21-162 also this one has already won the 1st and is bred from a grandchild of Adwin!
3rd pigeon: “MAGIC AD” inbred to Adwin bred from 2 grandchildren. He has already been good for 1.3 & 5 provincial as a yearling!


The pigeons in Groningen come forward little by little with 4/8 in the extreme middle distance and 8/13 in the Vitesse, we are certainly not dissatisfied! Good luck to everyone in the coming weeks ????????