5th time 1st prize season 2023 & 2nd against 2,344 pigeons

Another racing weekend is over and it was the week of the first middle distance race. It were tough races in which the pigeons had trouble returning home. We still had a good result in both lofts.

Arlon (389 km)

Club: 1-3-8-12-14-15-etc. against 227 pigeons (23/44)

CC: 2-13-56-76-97-104-etc. against 2,344 pigeons (24/44)

➡️1st pigeon: 21-801♀ Strain ”TONNY” one of our best breeding hens

➡️2nd pigeon: 20-044♂ son TOM (Grandson ADWIN) and 2x 1st prize in the one day long distance

➡️3rd pigeon: 20-862♂ ”STEF” 1st Prize winner against 2,500 pigeons!

➡️4th pigeon: 22-551♀ Granddaughter ”LIENEKE” 1st NPO Chateaudun


Melun (366 km)

Rayon: 7-11-20-48-66-74-101-117-139-149-150-etc. against 2,811 pigeons (42/70)

Provincial: 22-42-92-212-etc. against 15,957 pigeons (48/70)

➡️1st pigeon: 21-693♂ son LEO 6th, 8th & 12th NPO winner

➡️2nd pigeon: 22-705♂ from the ”RICO” strain Gebr. Scheele

➡️3rd pigeon: 22-774♀ ”JULIA” granddaughter ”ADWIN” and winner of 1st against 5,808 pigeons & 1st against 4,506 pigeons


On to next week!