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About us Team de Hoogh


The de Hoogh family has had pigeons for exactly a century! The pigeon sport is then in our blood. Generation after generation we passed on the pigeon sport to each other. In 1922 started the first ‘de Hoogh’ with pigeons. His name was Gerrit and quickly he was one of the best. His sons Frans, Kees, Sjef and later Dries started with the pigeon sport. Kees & Sjef were racing under the name Gebr. de Hoogh and won a many big races and competitions. For example 1st National Orleans 1970 & 1st General South Netherlands 1977. Another brother Frans played in a nearby village called Rijen and was financially supported by Dries. After a football career Dries also started with pigeons on his own. In 1983 they started with his son Gert under the name Dries de Hoogh and Son. Because of Gert’s interest in the sport, nephew Gertjan also started with pigeons. Nowadays he is playing with his son Adwin with the name: Gertjan de Hoogh and Son.

Team de Hoogh f.l.t.r.
Ad van Vugt, Danny de Hoogh, Gert de Hoogh & Dries de Hoogh

First part Team de Hoogh:

The start from Dries de Hoogh and son was easy: get pigeons from most of the family members. When this was done they were really quick at the top of the Netherlands. The general championship of our province was won immediately in 1988 just 5 years after the start with youngsters. Over the years we won 11 times the 1st provincial championship. Our 1st and 2nd National Cahors was also a big highlight in our career.

Were playing with 40 widowcocks and since 2023 with 24 widowhens. We start every year with about 100 youngsters. The emphasis is on the middle distance (300-500km) and long distance (500-700km). The feed we give to the pigeons is from Ronny van Tilburg and for the medical part we rely on Jan van Wanrooij of Belgica de Weerd.

Second part Team de Hoogh:

In 2013 started a new combination: van Vugt – de Hoogh. Father-in-law from Gert: Toon van Vugt passed away. Son of Toon: Ad van Vugt went to take care of the pigeons from Toon. Because son of Gert: Danny (10 years old) was really interested in pigeons he started to help his uncle with the pigeons. After 10 year the combination is still together with a lot of big succes. Amongst other 4 times a NPO-win and 5 times a provincial win!

We race with 24 widowcocks and start with 60 youngsters. The short distance (50-300km) and middle distance (300-500km) are the main races for us.

Third part Team de Hoogh:

In 2021 just a couple years ago we started a new project in Groningen. Good friend Youri Meijerhof from Oude Pekela is racing over there with our pigeons (Team Meijerhof – de Hoogh). Youri started when he was young with the pigeons. In ouropening years as a combination we already won a provincial race and we were 4th champion of the province. In our second year we won 2 times a provincial race.

Youri is racing with 14 couples on total widowhood and starts every year with about 70 youngsters. He loves to play the pigeons the whole program.

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