2x the 1st Prize for Team de Hoogh & Best loft combine

Last Saturday the pigeons came home from a sprint race. In Brabant we flew Morlincourt/Noyon (264 km) and in Groningen the flight from Tongeren (275 km). The results were formidable and we already won our fourth 1st prize of the 2023 season!


Club: 1-7-13-14-15-16-17-etc. against 812 pigeons (45/73)

Rayon: 7-32-61-67-68-69-71-118-126-139-etc. against (47/73)

➡️1st pigeon: 22-705♂ from Grandson ”RICO” Gebr. Scheele x Dr. 1st Prov. Quievrain

➡️2nd pigeon: 21-744♂ Grandson ”RICO” Gebr. Scheele

➡️3rd pigeon: 21-142♂ Grandson ”DE GERT”

➡️4th pigeon: 22-341♂ from Grandson ”ADWIN”

➡️5th pigeon: 20-162♂ son ”DE GERT”

➡️ In us, Combine van Vugt – de Hoogh became 1st Grandmaster (Best Loft) with 546 points in total!



Club: 1-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-13-18-20-etc. against 247 pigeons (23/46)

CC: 3-42-45-47-52-55-62-68-86-122-132-etc. against 2,419 pigeons (23/46)

➡️1st pigeon: 22-561♂ from brother ”NATIONAL STORM” (2x 1st Prov) & ”LIENEKE” (1st NPO)

➡️2nd pigeon: 22-562♀ already won a 1st against 2,500 pigeons and is the nest sister of our 1st pigeon.

➡️3rd pigeon: 22-970♀ from son ”DE GERT”

➡️4th pigeon: 22-568♀ from son ”ADWIN”


On to next week! We are looking forward to the first middle distance flight!