6th Provincial 10,549 pigeons & Clean Sweep

We have had 2 races again. Our pigeons came home well and we started with the 6th Provincial Pt.St.Maxence against 10,549 pigeons. The pigeons from Issoudun came a little less, but from Pt.St.Maxence we had a top result!

Pt. St. Maxence (305 km)

Club: 1-5-6-8-12-etc. against 524 pigeons (14/14 & 16/24)

Rayon: 3-38-45-51-58-78-104-116-123-etc. against 2,178 pigeons (14/14 & 17/24)

→ 6th Provincial against 10,549 pigeons!

➡️1st pigeon: 22-705♂ Our new top pigeon! This year already 2x the 1st prize from the RICO line of Gebr. Scheele

➡️2nd pigeon: 22-706♂ From ”ADRIAAN” x granddaughter ADWIN

➡️3rd pigeon: 20-173♂ already won 2x top 10 Provincial!

➡️4th pigeon: 21-162♂ ”NADAL” our best racing pigeon in the loft!


Venlo (198km)

Club: 3-5-10-11-12-13-14-etc. against 125 pigeons (17/26)

Rayon: 24-28-66-68-73-75-80-etc. against 1,105 pigeons (23/26)


On to next week!